The purpose of the Pajero 4WD Club of Victoria Inc
1. Promote, represent, encourage and support the recreation of four wheel drive touring.
2. Promote safe and responsible operation of four wheel drive vehicles.
3. Promote a forum for the exchange of ideas and the involvement in activities associated with the ownership and operation of four wheel drive vehicles.
4. Promote and represent the interests of owners and drivers of vehicles of the Club.
5. Afford members such benefits and privileges as it may be possible to arrange.
6. Pursue projects and conduct a programme which affect four wheel drive touring and activities of the club generally.
7. Promote and foster good relations and co-operation with other bodies/associations with similar interests.
8. Publicise and promote the Club in any manner its committee may decide is appropriate
Today, there are many restrictive rules and regulations controlling vehicular access for our activities and it is important to consider them and act responsibly.   In summary, they can be thought of, as “TREAD” which is the basis of the Tread Lightly: –
Travel only where permitted
Respect the rights of others
Educate yourself
Avoid inflicting harm, and
Drive responsibly and safely
The Pajero Club, through our Code of Ethics, adhere to these principles.