Members trip registration

(IMPORTANT INFORMATION) Read below then complete the form to register your activity.

Club events and trips operate in accordance with Pajero Club Guidelines: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD CLUB GUIDELINES

TRIPS are for members and their immediate family however guests are permitted at the discretion of the Trip Leader but must be pre-registered as a
Temporary Member BEFORE departure to ensure insurance coverage. Download the Temporary Membership/Guest Form and have it proposed by yourself and seconded by the Trip Leader. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD TEMPORARY MEMBERSHIP FORM

Trip participants are expected to prepare 3 copies of the personal details form for each participant. These should be provided in sealed envelopes with your name on the front. One is handed to the Trip Leader, one to the TEC (Tail End Charlie) and the 3rd copy is kept by yourself. On completion of the trip the envelopes will be returned unopened. They will be handed to the appropriate medical personnel in case of an emergency.

Personal detail (Medical) forms CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD MEDICAL FORM

EVENTS are blanket cover activities and do not require individual insurance registrations.

MEDICAL/ALLERGY DISCLAIMER: It is the responsibility of each individual and parents to inform the trip leader of any medical conditions/ allergies (this being food, plant or animal) – which may cause an adverse reaction affecting yours or your child’s health. Additionally, please advise the trip leader of any medication to be administered should this be necessary.




Give your trip a descriptive name
Example: 29th October to 1st November 2016
This is the time you require particpants to arrive at departure point
Give members as much information about your trip as you can
Be VERY specific with meeting place if no address is available
List maps used of the areas you will be travelling through
Refers to total distance travelled
Sites where you will be camping/sleeping